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Digiskills SEO | Exercise No. 4 Solution | Batch 4 | SEO101 Exercise No. 4 Solution | Study Planet

Problem Statement


You are supposed to select the website that you had selected for previous exercises and then do its complete
mobile friendliness audit using Google Lighthouse in Google Chrome Developer Tools, as shown in
Lesson No. 138. The goal is to identify the technical issues related to speed and other factors that can
become barriers in the website’s mobile friendliness. You need to assess all the audit factors i.e.
performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and Progressive Web App.


1. Open the selected website in Google Chrome.
2. Use short key Ctrl + Shift + I to go to developer tools.
3. Find Audits in top menu and click on it.
4. Select Mobile in device option.
5. Check all the audit elements and click the Run audits button to generate the report.
6. Take the screenshots of the audit report.
7. Paste the screenshots in a Word file to submit it.


1. You can choose a new website for this Hands-on Exercise if the instructions provided are not
applicable on the website that you had selected in the previous exercises.
2. This Hands-on Exercise will be evaluated based on the procedures and steps that you would follow
during the exercise.
3. Please refer Topic Video 138 to get a detailed idea regarding Google Lighthouse tool.


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